IMG_2599We recognize local government, state and federal agencies, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and individuals with the “Recycle of the Year” Environmental Hero award program.

MRC is now accepting nominations for awards. The deadline is Jan. 29, 2018. Learn more.

Our award program has the following categories:

  • Local Government Recycler of the Year
  • State and Federal Government Recycler of the Year
  • Corporate Recycler of the Year
  • Non-Profit Recycler of the Year
  • Educational Institution Recycler of the Year
  • New Program of the Year (any of the above, less than 2 years old)

We review nominations on these criteria:

  • Promoting recycling to create a better community;
  • Maintaining a continuous recycling or environmental programs rather than a one-
    time project;
  • Demonstrating awareness of environmental stewardship; and
  • Improving community waste handling and environmental practices.