Find Recycling Options Near You

StateMapCounties copyThe Waste Division’s Recycling and Waste Reduction Program staff has updated and enhanced the State Recycling Directory on the MDEQ website to provide information to Mississippi residents seeking recycling opportunities and services in their area.  The directory identifies those facilities and programs in the state that provide recycling services to the public for paper, plastics, metals and glass.  The directory includes local government recycling programs and facilities as well as programs offered by universities, colleges, state agencies and private businesses that offer collection of recyclables from the public.

Residents interested in learning how they can recycle these materials in their area may access the State Recycling Directory by using this direct link or one of the following methods:

  1. Select “MDEQ Recycling Directory” on the rotating image at the top of the home page (
  2. Click “How Do I?” on menu at the top of the home page and select “How do I recycle in my area?” from the list.
  3. Under the “Individuals” section on the home page, click “Learn More” and select “Recycling in my area” from the list.

Once accessed, residents may select their county (or an adjacent or nearby County) from the state map for a listing of recycling services available in that county.  The directory includes facility contact information, materials accepted, recycling location and additional details for the recycling program or facility.  Not all counties are available for selection (gray shaded) from the state map because recycling services are not available in all 82 counties at this time.  MDEQ is continuing to work with local governments and recycling businesses to increase public access to recycling in the state.  We encourage those interested in recycling that do not find services in their area to contact their local government officials to request these services.

The directory does not include all recycling businesses in the state.  The State’s Metals recycling and salvage facilities can be accessed on the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website as these facilities are licensed through that office.  In addition, recycling facilities for electronics, tires, agricultural plastics, used oil and other specialty items are not included in the directory at this time.  However, recycling information for scrap tires and electronics is available on the Waste Tire and Electronic Waste program pages on the MDEQ website.

MDEQ encourages our fellow Mississippians to take advantage of the State Recycling Directory to learn how they can recycle in their area, and participate in the many environmental and economic benefits of recycling such as:

  • Creating Mississippi Jobs;
  • Stimulating the State’s Economy;
  • Saving Space in Our Landfills;
  • Reducing Disposal Costs for Local Governments;
  • Preserving Our State’s Natural Resources;
  • Conserving Our Energy; and
  • Reducing the Potential for Pollution of Our Air, Land and Water

For more information on recycling in Mississippi or to add/update your recycling program or facility information on the directory please contact the Recycling and Waste Reduction Program staff:

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